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Vbay provides free intelligent online management system for local

  • After the epidemic, how to transform shops to online?
  • What should I do if I have been in business for many years but can’t use the “resources” of business partners?
  • Do you have a professional customer classification management system to manage customer loyalty?
  • Do you have a convenient financial statistics system that can efficiently analyze business data?
  • I just opened business soon, how to do accurate and efficient marketing?

What is Vbay?

The epidemic has made it more and more difficult to do business in Australia. Online and intelligentization are the transformation problems that every company will face after the epidemic. Vbay provides local merchants with an intelligent online management system for free. This system integrates member management, Mobile payment platform, online ordering and delivery, marketing promotion and other functions, creatively establish value alliances between merchants and consumers, merchants and merchants, form a closed-loop business ecosystem with strong user stickiness, and realize the “business” To the qualitative change of “ecology”. Merchants can establish alliances and cooperation with merchants across Australia through the Vbay system, share membership mechanisms, cross-drain each other, establish a community of interests in local business circles, and form a regional economy capable of self-growth and self-circulation, and realize the transition from “business” to “ecology” “The change. Consumers use the Vbay system to learn about the latest and most comprehensive activity discount information of the merchants, and use general points to realize the exchange of preferential rewards among the merchants on the platform. Vbay builds a new bridge to smart business for local merchants.

  • Cross drainage: mutual promotion by business alliances, common point sharing, supply chain cooperation, and network exposure
  • Membership system: customer membership upgrade mechanism, customer message system, reservation management system, event management system
  • Precision marketing: video display, consumer behavior analysis, artificial intelligence recommendation, scoring system
  • Aggregate payment: online order, scan code payment, free financial statistics analysis system

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VBAY Merchant Portal

We recommend logging in using a computer or iPad. VBAY will help you to manage products, Deal with orders and collect sales data easily.


It is recommended to use iPad or computer to log in to EASI Merchant Portal


Why join Vbay?
If you are new to the workplace, with a dream and passion for entrepreneurship?
If you are uncomfortable with the status quo, seeking change and creation?
If you have a stunt, eager to realize the ideals and values of life?
Vbay sincerely welcomes you to join!
The world economic system is undergoing tremendous changes. As an important technological innovation, the application of blockchain will bring about a fundamental revolution in the financial industry and profoundly change the operation of the human economy, leading to the redistribution of social wealth. The inefficiency of the traditional currency system continues to cause economic crises, digital currency is recognized but not widely used in consumer flows, and mobile payment technology has matured but Australia’s application is relatively backward. As a business solution provider supported by blockchain technology, Vbay will work with Australian small and medium-sized enterprises to catch the express train of new technologies to build a new smart business ecosystem. We have an open and free working atmosphere, an optimistic corporate culture, we provide industry-competitive salary, we have a young and energetic entrepreneurial team, we pay attention to the growth of every employee, we sincerely look forward to your joining and witness together A great era!

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To apply for the above position, please send an application email to [email protected] and we will reply within 48 hours.

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