Company Profile

Founded in May 2019, Vbay is a new generation of cloud membership management system and mobile payment platform.Vbay applies blockchain and mobile payment technology to solidify the discount value provided by merchants (in order to acquire customers and increase customer loyalty)
into digital currency, and creatively establish value alliances between merchants and consumers, and between merchants and merchants. Form a closed loop of business ecology with strong user stickiness, and realize the qualitative change from “business” to “ecology”. Merchants can establish alliance partnerships with merchants across Australia through the Vbay system, share mechanisms, cross-drain each other, establish a community of interests in local business circles, and form a regional economy capable of self-growth and self-circulation, and realize the transition from “business” to “ecology” “The change. Consumers use the Vbay system to learn about the latest and most comprehensive activity discount information of the merchants, and use general points to realize the exchange of preferential rewards among the merchants on the platform. Vbay is committed to becoming a value bridge for traditional businesses to the digital world.

Company vision and mission

Vision: Build a new smart business ecosystem together
Mission: To help small and medium-sized enterprises realize the transformation from business to ecology


1. With great love
2. Colorful
3. Self-driven
4. Create value
5. Optimistic
6. Results Oriented

Brand Value:

The design of Vbay’s brand logo uses the letter V, pearl shell, love, and heart elements combined with the overall design of the logo. The shape and shape have five meanings:

1. The letter V fits the English initials of VBAY.

2. Pearl shells, the lines separated by the logo are like the textures on the shells, and the yellow part in the middle is like a half-covered pearl in the shell. At the same time, “shell” also symbolizes wealth in Chinese culture, allowing Vbay to better provide finance for small and medium-sized enterprises service.

3. Love, the logo as a whole is the shape of the heart, implying that the company’s culture is loving and optimistic.